Some Places Just Weren't Meant To Die

Me and my new "Besties" at Buster's in Sun City Kansas!!

After a long day of driving, jumping a few fences, getting caught in a few, and chasing buffalo, I found myself ready for some grub. After a quick google search (holding my phone just right to catch the cell phone reception in the middle of the Gypsum Hills in Western Kansas) I realize I was a hop skip and a jump away from Sun City, Kansas and the historical Busters Saloon... so I headed that way. Pulling up to Buster...s I had a moment of doubt...small ghost town, a lineup of farm vehicles and a stray dog or two, this might not be the best place for a gal to go into alone?? Moment over! This place is amazing! The history of Busters is everywhere; its on the walls, in the stories, and all over the net. As I sat there sharing drinks and enjoying home cooked smoked ribs I found myself more interested in the future of Busters than in the past. If you're looking for a day trip, an adventure, and somewhere to go that's off the beaten path, this is the place to go. Everyone who stops by becomes a part of history and allows Buster's to be around in the future!

~Darcy Daniels

"Some places just weren't meant to die" ~Larry Hatteberg

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